Restaurant Week Specials

Delicious Three Course Meal!

$18.95 Special: 2 Large Cheese Pizzas

2 Large Pizzas for just $18.95

Best Burger Deal in Town!

Tacos, Tequilla & Whiskey

$10 Special: Hamburger with Small Fries and a Small Frappe

Burger, Fries and a Frappe for just $10

Banana Split $4.95 plus tax. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

Build Your Own Banana Slit!

$5 Special: Any Size Sundae

Any Size Sundae $5

Nachos Supreme

Where Family Meets Fiesta

Purchase Two (2) Entrees and Receive a Complimentary Appetizer or Salad $5 Frose Cocktail

Complimentary Starter and $5 Frozen Frose Cocktail - Fro-Yeah!

Free Grande Queso Dip with the Purchase of Two (2) Entrees

Free Grande Queso Dip!

$5 Off Any Order of $30 or More.

$5 Off when you spend $30 or more.

$5 Appetizers!

Best Pizza Deal in Town!

3 Great Specials!

$7 Special: Taste of Portugal - Choice of Portuguese Omelette or Portuguese French Toast

A Taste of Portugal - Portuguese Omelette or French Toast for $7

Two Course Special for $30

Breakfast & Lunch Special

$12 Brew & Bread

Ped's Famous Fish & Chips or Beer Can Chicken!

$28 Lunch Special: Two (2) lobster rolls served cold with mayonnaise or hot with melted butter. $15 Dinner Special: Naked haddock or marinated sirloin steak tips.

Enjoy a Surf or Turf Special

Big Breakfast Special

10% Off All Dine-In Purchases

10% Off All Dine-In Purchases

Wicked Good Sandwich Special